First steps to Landcare in Europe

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Farbige Infobroschüre 20 S. (07/2017)

Landcare Germany (DVL) is the umbrella organisation of the currently existing 160 Landcare Associations in Germany. In cooperation with representatives of nature conservation, farming and politics, Landcare Associations aim to preserve and enhance diverse cultural landscapes with a focus on environmentally-friendly regional development. This form of cooperative nature conservation is regarded as an effective approach for the implementation of key environmental and nature conservation goals – not only in Germany, but also across Europe. For this reason, the Pogány-havas Association, a regional development organisation working in the Harghita County in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, contacted DVL and asked for assistance in establishing a Landcare Association in the Harghita County that could coordinate the various stakeholders at local level and improve cooperation between them with the aim to preserve one of Europe’s most biodiverse landscapes

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